About Spa Isha

The Spa Isha Story

Husband and wife team Kalpna and Dinesh quickly realised their shared deep interest in all things natural, and their backgrounds in therapy work and cosmetic science were destined to combine. In 2009, they created Spa Isha.

From treatments, products, consulting, and exhibitions (including Olympia Beauty and the Ideal Home Show) they moved on to opening their Hanwell practice in 2015.

As of January 2020, we have moved to West Ealing Broadway, giving us space and a shop front to truly showcase our work,  built around a talented and professional team.

Read on to learn about our vision, and our values.

Our Vision

Spa Isha’s Vision is to enhance the health, wellbeing and happiness of its clients through natural health and personal development, exquisite treatments, and the finest products. Beyond its direct clientele, the vision is to bring these benefits to a mass audience by extending our offering through a network of therapists, salons and spas using our products and following our methods.

Our Mission
  • To bring the benefits of genuine aromatherapy, massage, beauty, and natural spa therapies to the widest possible audience
  • To create and provide the highest quality natural, organic and vegan aromatherapy-based skincare products
  • To provide our clients with knowledge and information in the fields of aromatherapy, massage, spa treatments and personal development
  • To create a business driven by and respected for its ethical, natural, safe and effective products and services
  • To recognise and serve the needs of therapists and therapy businesses
Our Core Values
  • We have a passion for the health, wellbeing, and happiness of our customers. We believe they are at the heart of everything we do, and aim to always treat them with respect, honesty, and our best possible service.
  • We believe in safe cosmetics. This means taking a precautionary approach and avoiding ingredients where there is a safety concern or risk. Spa Isha products are free from: mineral oils, parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances.
  • We love our planet, and do our utmost to protect it. We strive to use environmentally safe products and practices, such as minimising packaging and avoiding plastics. We believe in ethical and fair-trade sourcing of all our materials. We do not test on animals, our products are 100% vegan as is almost everything we use.
  • We care about the lifestyle not only of our clients, but also our employees. We want a learning-based, supportive and nurturing environment for them, so they can focus on doing what they do best.

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